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Doing Life Together

Doing Life Together is more than a catchy phrase, we believe its what families do! We believe we’re stronger together and so we celebrate lifes accomplishments, and stand together during lifes challenges. 

Our Vision
To awaken our island, ignite our region, shake our nation and to be a church on fire. The scriptures make it clear that the purpose of the church is to impact every area, and every facet of society, through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Our Mission
We present the Gospel TO all people because we’re a church FOR all people. We’re called to love God, love people, and touch our world. With that in mind, we’ll DEVELOP relationships, DISCIPLE new believers, and DESTROY the works of the enemy so people can live life as God intended it, abundantly. 

1. Our Culture Our mission is your freedom – The mission of freedom from sin, sickness and poverty drives everything we do at Chokoloskee Family Church. We reject a casual approach to God and affirm abundant life, passion and fire for all.

2. Honor is in our DNA – Honor is something we are. No matter the issue, you can’t stop us from honoring you! We believe that honor is a condition of the heart and not dependent on someone’s actions toward us.


3. We Believe in Revival as a lifestyle – Every person is responsible to catch fire and burn hot every day. The resulting corporate torch will inflame our region with revival.


4. We are a threat to the status quo – This is a ministry of extreme reformation. As we storm against the prevailing flow of the church and society, we fully believe many will be provoked to turn and follow our lead into freedom.


5. We affirm ridiculous faith – We simply believe that God is extreme and his plans are bigger than what we can imagine. If it doesn’t look ridiculously insane, it’s less than what God has in mind.


6. We are all about the numbers – We are unapologetically intense in our mission to gather and equip people of destiny.


7. Corporate mission prevails – We are focused on preparing for the influx of zealous people the harvest will bring to Chokoloskee Family Church. We launch and support only those endeavors that fit into the corporate mission.


8. We refuse to live below the Biblical norm – Healings, signs, wonders, miracles, extreme love and bold prophetic teaching were and are the standard. 


9. Poverty has no chance – Extravagant giving in every sphere of life, whether it’s in the church or a big tip at the coffee shop, will displace a spirit of poverty, transform individuals and reform the economy of our region.


10. Sickness and disease have no right to torment believers – The Lord Jesus Christ has been given power and authority over all sickness and disease. He has delegated that authority to us.


11. We err on the side of freedom – Revival is messy and is to be stewarded, not controlled. We embrace an atmosphere of bold prophetic declaration and Holy Spirit initiated freedom.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Psalms 46:10 NIV

Our Mission
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