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Raised Catholic, became a New Age seeker as a teen. Entered the "hippie" movement, moved to New Hampshire in the "Hippie Summer of Love 1967" wanting a simple farm life. Bad marriage led to divorce. Was single for several years, during that time returned to college for a degree and traveled several times to Central and South America to enjoy traveling and buy and resell Indian items. Lived on a houseboat in the Sausalito Bay, worked a restaurant chef. Finally found the man of my dreams (Johnny) at age 31. Met John at the Berkely Psychic Institute where I learned how to do aura readings. Later started our own psychic business, with a drop in "healing clinic". I taught past life recarnation readings using Jesus as a guide (or so I thought). Some of our students were doctors and nurses. Asked God to show me more about Jesus, who I thought was just an "ascended Master". Read the book "Desire of Ages" about Him, fell in love with Him, accepted Him as my Saviour after listening every day for 4 months to a tape from Charles Capps "What it means to be born again". At that time we had intended to end our marriage, we had a 2 year child. John accepted Christ a few weeks after me. Some of our psychic students also got saved. John attended an online 2 year Bible school at the Assembly of God church we attended. Teachers were Lester Sumrall and "Faith Movement" leaders. Moved to New Hampshire 40 years ago, helped start 3 churches. We consider ourselves missionaries here as evangelicals are only 13%. Now that we are retired (somewhat), winters in Florida offer great opportunities to witness and minister to travelers in the parks. Our pastor in Califonia had a word for me that The Word would go out from me thru the printed word, so I stock up and give out Christian books. Stories of NDEs- Near Death Experiences are popular! Tuning confused seekers into a deeper life with God is the most satisfying experience in this world! Our first daughter followed in our footsteps and is a psychic healer. We have heated discussions about what is Truth. Our other daughter has been in service to the Lord since she was a teen and has an amazing background, currently living in Bradenton, Florida where her husband is worship leader at West Coast church. Our third child, Robert is 33 and has Downs Sundrome. He is the light of our lives! We are so gratelful for Chokoloskee Family Church! We love your transparency and, how can I say this? realness, that is so rare in these harried times. And Pastor Jesse is a very very funny man! Lots of laughing going on! A

nd the worship is "out of this world"! We camp at Big Cypress as much as allowed so we can attend. God bless you all and see you soon!


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